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The Source of Independent Equity Research: Insightful, in-depth equity research; Perceptive analytical articles; Intuitive technical opinions; Discerning Clarion newsletter; Professional, informative videos; and Global distribution.

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eResearch Corporation is pleased to provide technical opinions on the market from a seasonality standpoint, courtesy of Equity Clock, a division of the Tech Talk Financial Network. eResearch also posts, daily, the regular technical opinions provided by affiliate, Tech Talk: TimingTheMarket (which see on our website).

Download today’s Equity Clock report here: EquityClock_012715

eResearch is pleased to provide the Fear & Greed Index, courtesy of CNN Money. Investors are driven by two emotions: fear and greed. Too much fear can sink stocks well below where they should be. When investors get greedy, they can bid up stock prices way too far.

Find out what emotion is driving the market now. Check out the Fear & Greed Index at the following link: FearGreed_012615

eResearch is pleased to provide the daily market video from, which is a proprietary technical analysis system, devised by Stephen Whiteside, that uses charts and various technical tools to maximize trading and investing experiences. provides intra-day, daily, weekly, and monthly technical analysis on global stocks, indexes, ETFs, and futures.

You can watch today’s video on the Canadian and U.S. markets by clicking on the following link: TechnicalVideo012615

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